What treatments can the Hunter Physiotherapy and Sports Injury Clinic offer you?


Treatments offered may include:


Advice and re-education

Knowing what you can do to help yourself at home, work and play is a very important part of treatment to prevent recurrence. Postural and ergonomics advice may be offered.

Joint mobilisations
To increase joint mobility and reduce stiffness

Massage and other soft tissue techniques
To reduce muscle spasm

Ultrasound, interferential therapy and TENS

Strapping and Taping
To support joints, protect ligaments and enhance postural alignment.

Core stability training, pilates exercises, individualised home exercise programmes

Home Visits
For those individuals who are unable to get to the clinic due to their condition

Sports supports and lumbar rolls may be purchased from the clinic. Other items may be ordered

Number of Treatments
The number of treatments required varies according to the complexity and duration of the problem. Usually 6-8 treatments are sufficient.