How can the Hunter Physiotherapy and Sports Injury Clinic help you?

The clinic provides a highly specialised physiotherapy service for the diagnosis and management of acute and chronic musculoskeletal disorders.

Conditions which can be treated include:
  • – Spinal problems
  • – Sciatica, slipped disc, neck, upper back and lower back pain, pregnancy back ache, headaches and whiplash
  • – Joint problems
  • – Sprains, arthritis, spondylitis, ‘frozen’ shoulder
  • – Sports injuries
  • – Tennis and golfer’s elbow, ligament strains, muscle tears, achilles tendonitis, shin splints
  • – Overuse/repetitive strain injuries
  • – Tenosynovitis
  • -Post operative rehabilitation following: knee and hip surgery, spinal operations, joint replacements, fractures and dislocations


The Hunter Physiotherapy
& Sports Injury Clinic Limited

1 Beaufort Road
Edinburgh EH9 1AG

Telephone: 077986 33339

Registered in Scotland No. 288603